NHKA Race #6

That’s right!!! You read correctly. We will be racing at Canaan this month! How? A seriously committed the owner and whole lot of hard work by Track Manager Dave, the local excavation contractor and dozens of hardcore racers – including a number of you! Dave tells us that the property has been cleared of debris and 95% of the excavation is completed. While this is surprisingly great news, and what’s been accomplished so quickly is truly impressive, there is still much to be done before the full road course will be available. So, we will run Half Track 2 clockwise… the right-side loop utilizing the “bus stop” chicane and the section of kart track to the right of the infield garage.

NHKA Race #4 & #5


Saturday August 10 – NHKA Race #4

Sunday August 11 – NHKA Race #5

Gates open at 7:00am. No race engines before 8:05am. Members-only warm-up session at 8:15am.